The Stoneholm 1514 Beacon Street Brookline, MA

I am a Brookline real estate agent, and I have been in love with the Stoneholm ever since moving to Brookline over 2 decades ago. I wanted to share some history that I dug up from The Massachusetts Historical Commission, and The Brookline Historical Commission. 

Here are some excerpts.

Originally this magnificent building had 19 apartments.

The Stoneholm meets the National Register criteria of being an example of luxury and extravagance that was built in the early decades of the 20th century, and is a unique example of the Beaux-Arts Baroque style.

“The Stoneholm was called the grandest courtyard apartment house and the most magnificent building of its type in Greater Boston.” Excerpt from Built in Boston by Douglas Shand Tucci.

Built and first owned by John P. Webber.   Mr. Webber also built and lived in a home at the corner of Beacon Street and Lancaster Terrace.  At one time Mr. Webber controlled 300,000 acres of the choicest spruce lands in Maine.

Arthur H. Bowditch is the architect of record. Mr. Bowditch also designed the Colchester, Pelham Hall, the Bonair, the Kenmoir,  the Coolidge Corner building, the Paramount theatre, the Lenox hotel, the Essex hotel, and many more significant residential and commercial structures in Brookline and Boston.

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Howard Koor


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